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Adventures In Bloom
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Let's Work Together & Plan Your Retreat

You love your skill – albeit yoga, meditation, creative writing, photography, whatever your passion - and you have been itching to travel and connect with students in a deeper, more meaningful way. Me? I love planning.

Working together, we'll bring your vision to life and create an epic experience that will have attendees coming back for more. 

Reduce your overwhelm and save time by allowing me to do the behind-the-scenes tasks such as -

  • scouting your perfect location
  • negotiating prices
  • coordinating transportation
  • booking excursions
  • pricing your retreat
  • registering participants
  • creating marketing plans & materials
  • personalizing your retreat

...and more - so that you can spend your energy where it matters most, cultivating the heart of the retreat. 


I focus on the details and execution so you're free to do what YOU really love - practice + teach. 


Package Types

Pen to Paper

Do It Yourself Blueprint for Your Retreat

Let’s get your vision on paper and create a plan of attack. We'll hone your vision, narrow in on your niche and outline an itinerary designed to leave your guests inspired. Together we’ll create a a step by step blueprint from which you can plan your perfect retreat. You'll walk away with a to-do list based on your vision, making it easy to implement your dream retreat. From negotiating venue contracts to marketing retreats, you'll be equipped to do it all!


Whole Shebang

Planning, Execution + Onsite Management

From the first brainstorming session to writing the last thank you note, I’ll be there to plan, execute and manage your entire retreat freeing you up to focus on what you do best - teach yoga, connect with students and run your empire! Take back your time and feel less overwhelmed. You be boss and let me take care of behind the scenes. Basically, I'll be your right hand gal throughout the entire process. You've always wanted a personal assistant, right?!

The Process


1: Exploration

Entrusting someone with your dreams, your vision, can be scary. That's why we'll first connect via video chat to get to know one another. We'll discuss your vision, options for working with me, and you can ask any questions that may pop up. At the end of the session, you determine if we jive and if I can be of service to you. If so, we’ll clearly define a timeline and discuss payment arrangements.

2: Ideation

Together, we’ll spend time honing your vision, ideating, researching venues and most importantly, planning the heart and soul of your retreat. 

Step 3: Implementation

Once you’re satisfied your dream retreat has been accurately captured in a comprehensive plan, it’s time to move into implementation mode. You’ll walk away with a blueprint from which your event can be executed!

I have no doubt you and I will make a remarkable team.

Shoot me a quick hello and let’s get started!

Have questions? Feel stuck in the planning process? Aren’t sure how to market your retreat? Additional consulting, marketing and design services are available for an hourly fee. Get in touch to see how I can serve you.

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