Flex This Muscle for a Mother's Day Adventure

Hey yogi, always wondering what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? What about your sisters or your besties? You see, I’ve got two sisters and my mother whom I want to honor. They’re incredible mothers. I want to show some token of gratitude for the work they did in raising me (I’m the baby) and their own kiddos. And, I’m always looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea. 

So now you’re probably wondering what this has to do with yoga, right? Bare with me. I had a genius idea and just had to share! What about a mini-staycation, like a Mother’s Day yoga retreat maybe?

Here’s the plan. You’re wanting to host retreats. You may even have one in the works already. Try out your facilitation skills on your family, or even some girlfriends, as a gift for Mother’s Day. You provide them with a much needed weekend getaway, kid free of course, and they give you the chance to practice on an audience who has to love you even if things may go wrong! It’s a no-brainer. And, it’s exactly what I’m gifting my mom and sisters this year. 

Where do you start? Small, of course. No need to go all elaborate. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Date: Choose a weekend when all the girls are free (and the husbands too since they’re in charge of the kids). Have them block off Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday for a special Mother’s Day weekend getaway. You can share the other details if you like. Personally, I like to keep things a surprise!
  • Accommodations: Personally, I wouldn't want to spend the entire weekend in the car, so I recommend choosing a place centrally located for all of you, no more than an hour’s drive. If you or your family has a lake home or cabin not too far away that could be an ideal choice. If not, AirBNB is a great solution for choosing a fun getaway spot for a few nights. 
  • Meals: I often remind clients to consider the gifts they have to share with others when planning a retreat. This weekend getaway is no different. Head to your local grocer and pick up supplies for the weekend. Say cooking is your thing. Consider how you can share that gift. Maybe it’s a special recipe or sharing that vegan food actually tastes yummy. Teach the mom’s how to make quick and easy energy balls - not only healthy but also a fun snack for the kids. Because they’re moms and busy, think of ways you can share quick, simple cooking tips. Check out my girl Kat on Instagram. She a dietetic intern and frequently shares fun, easy recipes. 
  • Itinerary: This is where the fun comes in! It’s the heart and soul of your “retreat.” While it’s tempting to make it an easy girl’s weekend with no set agenda, remember it’s also your turn to flex your facilitation muscles. You’re preparing yourself for the big retreat later this year. So, like it or not, you need a rough agenda. Create a fun Girls Just Wanna Have Fun playlist and design an energetic yoga flow. Lead them through a meditation and provide the time and space for reflection. Bring Pictionary and popcorn for a game night. Have a masseuse come to the house for massages or head into “town” for mani-pedis. Have fun with your agenda and get creative. The possibilities are endless. 
  • Make It Personal: How have you added your personality to the weekend? Where and in what ways did you share your gift with these individuals? That’s what retreats are all about - sharing your magic. Because the world needs your magic! Add some personal touches too. Me, I LOVE sending hand-written notes. I’m writing little notes to say welcome and thank you for coming. I’ll place the notes on their pillows before they arrive. It’s a small touch that’s specific to my personality.

Remember, the best gifts come from the heart. I’m certain a weekend to relax, unwind and spend some bonding time with friends and family will do the women in your life so much good. Unplug. Unwind. And, most definitely, drink some wine!

Whatever you do, plan it out and have fun. It’s a great gift idea that allows you to use and hone your facilitation skills at the same time. Talk about a win-win!

MomDaughter Yoga Prayer Hands.jpeg

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