Choose A Yoga Retreat Destination to Suit Your Vibe

At the onset of 2018, you broke out the magazines and glue sticks to create your vision board, right? And, seeing as how you’re a yoga teacher, you glued a photo of a group doing ado muka svanasana on the beach smack dab in the middle of the board because you want to host a retreat, right?

The problem is you don’t know where to start. Now what? First things first, you need a destination for your retreat. These four considerations will ensure you select the place best suited to your vibe and style:   

Survey Your Audience

  • Survey your yoga students and followers. After all, they are likely to be some of those who attend. Talk to your yogis after class, send an email to your newsletter list or use the questionnaire function on your Insta-story to solicit feedback. The input you receive will give you great intel into what type of setting your audience most prefers. Remember, this is just feedback. You don’t have to commit to their choice, but note that they are using their vacation time and resources to attend.

Get In Your Element

  • Consider where you feel most in your element. Do you prefer nature trails in the mountains? Maybe it’s the dry heat of the desert? Or maybe crashing waves and sandy shores are more your vibe. Chances are, if you plan a retreat in an environment where you feel comfortable and creative, you will thrive. 

Create A Visual

  • Pinterest boards are excellent for choosing a destination. Use search terms that reflect your dream backdrop, such as desert retreats, giant redwoods, glamping, sandy beaches in Mexico, wine country Italy, and more. As pictures come up that catch your attention, pin them on your newly created Pinterest board. The images conjured up in your mind after scouring through photos help bring life to your vision, which is key to making it a reality. 

Do Your Research

  • Research what other yoga teachers are doing. A quick browser search for top yoga retreat destinations or top mountain yoga retreats can reveal a lot of information for you, including trending destinations, venues, and pricing. 

What matters most is that you follow your intuition. Go where you feel called. That’s where you will find the most success and truly come alive for your yoga students by allowing your talents and energy to shine through.


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