An Urban Retreat

I walked down the crowded and bustling Carrer del Carme thinking this can’t possibly be right. There’s no way I could ever host a yoga retreat here. It’s too busy. too crowded. Too urban. What a waste of my time…


Oh, but that door! I must be in the wrong place, I thought. It’s wrought iron scrollwork spoke to me. Then, sweet Anna approached and beckoned me to enter this beautiful home. Tucked away on a busy street surrounded by a park, cafes and restaurants, YogaWeeks offers students a hidden oasis in the heart of Barcelona. 


Built in 1890, the space has been renovated and restored to it’s full, majestic glory. From the geometric-tiled floors to tall ceilings boasting crown molding, the detailed woodwork to the natural lighting, YogaWeeks is thoughtfully laid out and elegantly designed. Much like the simplest of details can make your retreat, it’s all the little details working together that create the ambiance of this sacred space. 


Accommodating up to 12, the rooms are double occupancy. The bright white walls and linens, labyrinth wall decor, colorful floors and modern light fixtures tie the space together in an eclectic style that speaks to the renewal and rebirth a retreat can bring. 


The retreat center boasts a small, fully equipped kitchen which allows students to store and prepare any food they like. From a refrigerator to a toaster-oven, it’s yours to use as you need. However, 3 healthy meals a day will be prepared offsite and catered daily. 


A large wooden table resides in the middle of the dining room where students can gather to dine, socialize, play games or journal. Upon seeing the space, I could immediately envision it filled with students, conversation, and laughter. Just off to the side is a quaint yard complete with a hammock and chairs for basking in the mediterranean’s afternoon sun. 


The house features a large, beautiful indoor yoga shala; however, the best spot to practice is two floors above you on the rooftop terrace - complete with a bathroom, changing rooms, mats, yoga accessories and some of the best views of Barcelona. Catch the sunrise with an early morning flow, or wind down your day with a sunset restorative session. 


Located near the famous Gothic Quarter and a short walk from the beach, YogaWeeks offers you the best of both worlds. It’s quiet ambiance offers the serenity you often seek in a retreat while being close enough to attractions to add flare with beach adventures, scenic tours or a mountain hike.  


Next time you find yourself in Barcelona, I encourage you to check out the space and take an evening rooftop yoga class. You won’t regret it!

Emily Hassett