Uplevel Your Yoga Business - 5 Strategies to Lead a Successful Retreat

Hey yogis! So, YOGA + MINDFULNESS RETREATS…Have you ever attended one? Thought about leading one? Are you ready to uplevel your yoga business?

In case you missed, I recently talked about retreats as a way to share your gifts and talents in an intimate way, differentiating yourself from all the other yoga teachers and coaches in your community, and building your business at the same time. Check out that post here!

In a nutshell, why lead a retreat?!?
-Make money + have fun
-Deeper connection with your yogis
-Weekend away to unwind + destress
-Reap the benefits of your yoga practice
-Build your clientele + business

So, you’re hooked, but still don't know where to start? The when, where, who and how can be overwhelming? Good news! I can help with ALL of that.

Join my FREE, live webinar on April 30 (multiple days/time slots available) to save yourself time and actually get excited about planning instead of feeling overwhelmed! 

We’ll review why retreats can be good for business and 5 key strategies to lead a successful retreat! You're going to discover:  
->How easy it can be to plan your own live event or retreat. 
->How to stay true to you and your vision throughout the planning process!
->Common mistakes newbies make so you can AVOID them!

It's totally free so what do you have to lose? It's time to uplevel your yoga business. Space is limited to first 100 who sign up. Reserve your seat now!

Mandi Briggs