5 Tips to Create a Fun Retreat Agenda

Life is all about balance and your yoga retreat should be the same. A retreat is more than a simple vacation with some yoga sprinkled in. Well-curated retreats engage students and create a safe space for physical, mental or spiritual transformation, but don’t forget the fun! 

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a week-long retreat, these 5 considerations will assure your retreat agenda is well-rounded:

  1. Theme
    A fun retreat theme provides a common thread that can be used throughout your planning process. It can be simple and subtle, such as being one with nature, letting go or opening your heart. Pick yoga sequences and activities each day to support your theme. Consider this: if you’re working with the 5 elements, choose one element per day and create your itinerary around that. For water, you could have a sweaty flow then visit a water temple for a special blessing. Alternatively, start the day with SUP yoga then include pool or beach time in the afternoon. Choose the option that best fits your vibe. 
  2. Yoga Flows
    Change up your yoga asanas based on the time of day, theme or other activities. Take this opportunity to introduce them to yin or restorative yoga, acro-yoga, meditations or maybe focused workshops on inversions or arm balances. By keeping things fresh, you expose your students to new styles of yoga and get them out of their comfort zone. And, that’s where their growth and transformation lie.
  3. Free Time
    Retreats can be intense. When you are introducing students to new types of yoga, ways of thinking or spiritual beliefs, emotions come up often leaving students feeling overwhelmed. Allow plenty of time for your students to process all that you’ve shared with them. They may need to step aside to cry, journal or just be. 
  4. Cultural Immersion
    Your students spent money to retreat with you. They purchased their planes tickets, flew across the country or across the globe to join you. It’s highly possible they’ve never been to this destination before. Help them experience part of the culture for your retreat location. This can be as simple as venturing into town for a group dinner, exploring the night markets, taking an authentic cooking class or surfing the sandy beaches. Every culture has something unique to it. Research what it is and how you can incorporate that flare into your itinerary.
  5. Create Connections
    Retreats create an opportunity for students to get out of their element and meet other like-minded individuals. Plan activities that allow yogis to get to know one another. From games to dinner conversation, late-night dance parties to fireside chats, create opportunities for connection. This may naturally happen through several of the tips above but ensure you’ve kept a focus on this as you plan.

There you have it. These 5 ideas can help elevate your retreat, providing your yogis a deeper, more meaningful experience.

Well-curated retreat agendas provide the space and opportunity for magic to happen. And, I love nothing more than brainstorming fun retreat ideas with my clients. If you’re working on your itinerary and find yourself stuck or looking for ways to fill your retreat agenda, reach out to me. We’ll have a virtual coffee date and get you moving down your retreat planning checklist in no time!

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your amazing retreat agenda right now! And let me know in the comments below which of these 5 tips you found most helpful in creating your planning process.

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