Are You Ready to Host A Yoga Retreat

More and more, you hear of other yoga teacher and yoga studios hosting their own yoga retreat. Your students are asking you for it. A yoga retreat is certainly something you want, so how do you know if you’re really ready to bite the bullet and go for it?. 

These 3 key considerations will help determine your readiness to take on the task!


Whether you are a seasoned pro or fresh out of yoga teacher training, this is about confidence. What is your confidence level when you step onto your mat? What about off your yoga mat when you're socializing? Nothing says you can’t host a retreat early on in your teaching career. Keep in mind that when you host a weekend retreat or a week-long retreat, you’re the expert. You’re the head honcho. The hostess supreme. The talent. The entertainment. And quite possibly the receptionist, janitor or cook. You’ve got to be on all the time for your guests. Make sure you’re confident in your ability to teach, entertain and organize. Those are all key skills for running a smooth retreat. 


Let me tell you from experience, nothing is worse than putting in all the work, picking the perfect destination, negotiating contracts, marketing your retreat, and then no one signs up. It happens to the best of us…including me, which is why having a real heart-to-heart on your audience is one of the first things I do with potential clients. Take inventory on where you can get potential attendees. For a 10 person retreat, you may need to get in front of 100 people. Or 1,000 people. Or maybe 10,000 people. Can you do that? Note all the areas where you can potentially garner retreat clients: newsletter subscribers, studio attendees (talk with your studio about promotion first), private clients, blog followers, social media, church choir, bible study, women’s circle, book club, best friends, etc. Chances are, you’ve got more potential attendees than you think. You simply need to recognize all your opportunities and ensure you are willing and able to reach out to them. 


Retreats can be expensive. Now, don’t let that scare you! If this is your first retreat, maybe you start small and rent an Airbnb for a weekend retreat. That’s relatively inexpensive as compared to putting a deposit down on a retreat center halfway across the world. I know you, though. You’re thinking - go big or go home, right? That’s doable too. Make sure you fully understand any deposits that will be due for a retreat center or hotel where you’ll host the retreat. 

None of these factors is set in stone. In fact, all simply need to be taken into consideration when evaluating your readiness to host. Of course you can always fake your confidence, beg your friends to come and borrow money from your parents. Good news is, I can help you through every step of the process. We’ll choose a venue right for your budget and create a marketing strategy that targets all of your audiences, friends included. 

You’re still hesitant. Why? What’s holding you back? You. You’re the only one stopping you.