Curating Transformations

I remember it like it was yesterday. I sat in my apartment crying. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. Was I depressed? Probably. Did I have a great life? Most definitely. Then why was I so lonely? Why was I stuck? Why could I advise others on what to do yet couldn’t take the advice myself?


I pulled up Instagram, because that’s what any normal human being would do in this instance, and headed for my go-to picker upper - @iamhertribe. Nothing like beautiful poetry to remind me that I am enough. I am worthy. I am called for more. 


Through @iamhertribe, I stumbled upon another beautiful soul - @travelingmats - who’d just posted that she had ONE SPOT LEFT on her upcoming Bali retreat. 


Bali. That’d been popping up for me a lot lately. Every time it did, I’d squash it back down thinking international travel wasn’t feasible, I clicked her post and then clicked through to the link regarding her retreat. 


ONE. SPOT. LEFT. Everything inside me screamed take it. This is meant for you. Instead, I closed my browser. I immediately texted my mom saying I was considering an international, solo trip to Bali. Was I crazy? My mom, being the best mother out there, responded almost immediately . Not crazy at all, she said. If this is what you need, take it. Permission. Not my own, but still the permission I sought. 


The next day, Jackie (aka @travelingmats) reached out to me. We talked on the phone,,,,,more like I cried my eyes out to her. I’m so lost, I said. No, she reminded me. You are exactly where you need to be. And I’m the exact person the universe has sent for you to converse with. Its all divine timing. 


Saying yes to Bali, saying yes to my intuition, crossing paths with a kind soul - those moments literally and figuratively changed my life. 


I knew when I returned home from that retreat, I was changed. Everything was changing. Everything was going to change. And I welcomed the newness, the unknown, the impossible with open arms. 


You see, I know first hand how transformational a well-curated retreat can be for it’s students. My retreat was my lifeline. And after returning home, I also knew I no longer wanted to plan frivolous events. I wanted to marry my skills and talents with my passion for a cause worthy of them.


You want to leave an impact on your students? You want to make a mark on this world? You want to inspire, empower and ignite change? I can help. That’s what Adventures In Bloom is all about - curating transformations on yoga retreat at a time. 

Emily Hassett